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Brian and his crew have treated our home on a regular basis to make sure no creepy crawly things scare my wife! They also treat my poke barn to ensure that no pests get in and ruin my cars that I store. Brian does a great job and I would recommend him to anyone!

Bob Christman
Martinsville, IN

The Allman Brothers Pest control was a life saver for our home. I had been swarmed by the yellow jackets and could not go into the dog park to destroy their nest and the yellow jackets. He was here on time and in a very professional manner destroyed the nest and killed those that were in the nest. He then left me a can of spray to put on the stragglers. Thank you Allman Bros and I highly recommend them.

Thanks again for your services!

Jewel E
Gosport, IN

Brian, Thanks for taking care of my chipmunk problem. I haven’t had any recent problems and hope it stays that way. Only bugs that I have now are dead ones. That was a hot day to be crawling around in an attic and under the house in coveralls. Thought of you yesterday when I went to get a pair of boots out of my closet that I had not worn for a long time, one of them was filled with acorns!

Thanks again for your services!

Donna Elliot
Bloomington, IN

Brian Allman and the Allman Brothers Termite and Pest Control saved us this summer! We were in the process of getting our house re-sided and the siding guys discovered a huge wasp nest in our roof line. I called Brian immediately after we found out about it and he offered to come out that day (in the rain)! Our siding guys couldn’t continue their work until the wasps were gone, so Brian got right to work and exterminated them all very quickly. He was extremely kind, gave us lots of information, worked under very reasonable prices, and even returned a few days later to check on the progress. Since the extermination, Brian has continued to inquire about our previous wasp problem and has offered to return if we experience any other problems. **We would HIGHLY recommend Allman Brothers Termite and Pest Control

Julie Norwiki
Bloomington, IN