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Allman Brothers Termite and Pest Control offers the following services: Ant Control, Termite Prevention, Management of Occasional Invaders, Cockroach Management, Bed Bug Prevention & Detection, and Animal/Critter and Pest removal.

We now offer humane removal of Indiana wildlife and pests, damage repair and cleanup of your home, and seal your home to prevent re-entry. Additional services available for bat and raccoon entry!

Ant Control
Proper procedures for ant control in and around homes or other buildings depend greatly on the species of ant involved, the extent and nature of the infestation, and the location of the nest(s) used by the infesting species. For example: A carpenter ant infestation can be confirmed by the presence of wood shavings (frass) thrown out of the galleries. For best results contact Allman Brothers.

Termite Prevention
The most effective and economical time to implement termite prevention techniques is during the planning and construction process. Whether pre- or post-construction, limiting favorable food (wood), moisture and shelter (conducive conditions) to termites can prevent or help eliminate infestations.

Management of Occasional Invaders
Managing occasional invaders begins by preventing these pest from entering a structure. Exclude pests from buildings by repairing cracks in foundation walls, sealing openings around doors and windows, calking around pipes and electrical conduit penetrations, etc. Remove harborages near buildings by maintaining grass and shrubbery around foundations, raking mulch away from direct contact with buildings, picking up boards and other objects that may be lying on the ground, etc. Practice good moisture management by maintaining drainage away from buildings, repairing damaged downspouts and leaking spigots, and dehumidifying basements and crawlspaces.

Cockroach Management
Consistent and effective cockroach management requires a lot of planning and organization to develop a multifaceted program that includes the following steps: inspection, survey and treatment (often involving the use of multiple insecticide formulations, plus non-chemical techniques applied indoors or around the premises). For further information contact Allman Brothers.

Bed Bug Prevention & Detection
Places where a lot of people come and go (such as hotels, apartment buildings or dormitories) are most at risk for having bed bugs introduced to the premises. These facilities need to have preventive inspection by pest management personnel. Initial stage infestations can be detected and controlled early, before an infestation becomes established and spreads. Tenants and homeowners need to be vigilant when acquiring used beds, couches, and other furnishings. Secondhand items should be closely inspected before being taken home; if the items can be laundered properly or placed in a dryer, the chance of introducing bed bugs is greatly reduced.

Items from curbside or landfills should never be brought home. In hotels, be careful to examine cracks and crevices in head boards, seams in mattresses and box springs, and sheets and bed spreads for signs of bed bugs. If bed bugs or their signs are found, move to another room in another area of the building. It is also prudent to keep your suitcase and personal items off the floor and on the luggage stand, tabletop or other hard surface. Be sure to inspect items as they are removed from a suitcase upon arriving home or some other location. Proper laundering or dry cleaning will keep bed bugs from gaining entry into new locations.

If you think you may have bed bugs contact Allman Brothers.

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